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but that joke isn't funny anymore...

when I walk around, I tend to look up
I look up into the trees
and up into the sky...
my eyes rarely graze the ground,
not because my glass is always full,
or because of my boasting self confidence...

I don't like the color of concrete.

that's why I rarely walk on the concrete sidewalks at school...
and if I didn't dislike the feeling of asphalt so much,
I would walk on asphalt rather than sidewalks...because the color is so dry.

but, at school /work...whatever you want to call it
i have a favorite spot.

and that is right by a showertree
with peach and pink flowers, lime green leaves, and a beautiful light gray twisted trunk...

I walk right by it everyday and look up into the leaves wishing I could  be a bumble-bee, hiding amongst the pastel colors and soaking up the sweet juices of the sunlight which pours through...

my secret wish is to sit under the tree, or lay down on my back, and just look at the tree on a windy day, and watch the leaves sway in the breeze...

if you happen to see me outside of your classroom window, walking with my head pointed straight up--smiling at the world, don't laugh, or think  i'm peculiar...
because if you took the time to see what I see, you'd smile too. promise you.


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