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dear art teacher


so I got a little upset with a class today, and like 9 students wrote me "apology" letters while in class. This was their teachers idea, which is an interesting one...

I have to share, and I'm keeping the letter in true form, no grammar changes or spelling corrections...

Dear Art Teacher,

I'm sorry for talking to much while we were supposed to do art work. I'm sooo sorry, and please forgive me. i know that you have been working hard but I just can't focus sometimes you know,. Well I'll try to be quiet, and listen to you.


Dear Art Teacher,

I am very sorry for our bad behavior and i am sorry that we made alot of noise and didn't get to do art. I am very sorry we didn't remind other students to keep the noise down and had some problems before art. I am very sorry for last weeks behavior and that we had lost some time to do art. please forgive my apology.


Dear Art Teacher,
I am sorry for my bad behavior, I don't blame any-one else. I was put in a bad mood by someone I know in PE I am very, very sorry!

**drawing with a heart and and arrow through it***

Is "the art teacher"  that scary ?: lol

well, the answer to that is "no" but, in some ways, I can't expect a 10 year to accurately gauge my emotions, or my anger levels.

basically, what had happened was 3 children came into class pretty  much crying and fighting (there was a racial slur involved, and kids were being called "stupid/dumb" left and right...) and of course, everyone in the class was riled up and hard to calm down. No matter how many times I tried to get their attention, they were like...wild...with emotion. strange day for the kids--definitely.
anyway, I had them sit in silence and write sentences until they calmed down...which took 20 minutes out of a 45 minute class. So frustrating...

but anyway, that was the premise for the letters...which, as mentioned  an interesting way of disciplining a class, and I give the 5th grade teacher credit for using this technique.

But, in the future, if this class gives me a hard time again, i'm going to have them write letters to themselves (or their parents)  for being too rowdy to learn...because, seriously... i'm not missing out on anything, but they sure are.

oh,  i love my job. ^_^

sharpened pencils,
**art teacher.

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