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the numbers are already so magical.

so, I'm working on creating a committee of interested individuals within the art community to help plan and execute an art event at my elementary school.
hi, winnie...can you save the world too?

I am so effin' excited about this that it's almost gross.

this event (which I'm hoping will start off small,and grow into something large and memorable) is basically the beginning bud of my overall art dream, to have my own art organization...

Basically, just having my hand in planning such an event is already a mini success for me, but if this event ends up turning out "well"....then....

first things first:
-I have to contact all of the schools in the district to find interest, as well as availability,  for such an event
-I have to come up with an art contest and criteria for this event (set a deadline, and have contest rules.)
-Contact the arts alliance, contemp'z, UH art department, academy of art, and work with their education directors to see how they can help this event...
-Create a functioning committee (and see if I can get a PR person to help with press releases, media coverage..and whatnot)
-create fliers, posters, and visuals to advertise for this event. contact radio and t.v.
-find volunteers
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! so exciting ^_^

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