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so I had this dream last night...

and it was a strange one. I don't want to write it all out, but it consisted of boulders rolling down from a mountain, and me somehow dodging them (without even trying)

like...either the boulder would *happen* to turn right before it came down in my direction, or it would hop over something and land somewhere else...
but I was totally safe in my dream--scared--but safe.

what is this all amounting to? a crazy dream after having a slice of sharp cheddar cheese before going to bed?

could it be that...even through all of this so-called-drama I'm in, I'm essentially just dodging big-boulders?

Through all of my "oh-my-god...why me" moments of the recent past (just archive the last.....8 blogs or so) ...they could have all be conceivably worse. like seriously.

Yet, things seem to have their way around me (thank you, daddy/ the universe) Of course i'm still shaken by the event, but never really hurt.

hmm. something to ponder.

What's strange though is one of the first thoughts that popped into my mind after waking (and examining the dream) is... (and I wrote it down in my journal, so I'm going to just quote straight from the source)


This morning it kind of dawned on me...I don't want to chase after anyone, or many an effort to have someone get to know me, because I seem to have really weak choices in people...

I'm not really afraid of rejection. I'm just afraid of choosing the wrong people/things again.
I'm tired of investing time and effort in mind-games of entrapment to make someone interested in me. (hi...past 10 years) 

This time,  I will have things come to me. Because as history has proven to me, when I don't try, that's when I get the best results.
(scholarships, contests, money, jobs, college, even my closest bestest friends...I didn't "seek" them out, it just happened.)

Of course, I work hard with what i have, and what I get... and maybe that's why opportunities sprout out of nowhere, but the point is..they sprout out of nowhere.

But, i'll just keep on working hard at the things I love, and working hard on me...and things will naturally find it's way to me. "

so to tie it all back, as the boulders naturally found their away around me
so maybe luck, love, and happiness is naturally finding its way to me...


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