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december come to me, I hope I can see you not just in dreams..

I've been listening to christmas music on a regular basis.
every morning while driving to work, i listen to (at least) 3 christmas songs.

 I wish it was christmas today ....


it's not that I'm depressed--or at least, I don't think I am...
but, I want to be happy for no reason, and that's what christmas-time does for me.

i'm  happy simply  because it's christmas time.
it has nothing to do with having a love-life, or money, or looking perfect...
it has everything to do with:  cold weather, excitement, and buying/making things for important people (as a "thank you" for....sticking it through with me for the whole year type deal)

and that's what i want.
right now.

and don't say christmas can be everyday, dammit...
because, that'll kill the specialness of the day. 

christmas is coming, 

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