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I've become obsessed with the what's it called...

the google stats.
I'm obsessed with google stats.
I like writing blogs, but now that I know that I can track which blog is most popular, and where people are reading from (ya, don't doesn't say EXACTLY where you're reading just gives regions such as "united states" and "asia"....) I want to write on a daily basis.

it's kinda neat to see what people gravitate to.
So far, my most popular blogs are: :"invisible man", "french roast coffee....." and  "ain't no angel's going to greet me..." (the one about my 5th grade plans  (with the youtube clip of american beauty)
and "can I get get get..."
and...the one of my earlier ones (with a list of alllllllllllllllllllllllllll of my older blogs from other websites)
...and another one...I don't remember the title. oh, one of the "japanese men" blogs.

so effin' fun.

anyway, to all of you readers out there ^_^ i love you like I love apples.

photographs of bubbles,

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