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lately, i seem to walk as though I have wings...

yes, but not really.
I feel like I always walk around like I have wings, but it's not because I'm in love. Or wait, maybe I'm in love with something other than a person.
yes, i think that's it.

so, this "google stats" thing is really kinda neat. I like being able to keep track of how many visits my blog gets. it's kinda sorta exciting.

the grossest thing has happened to me in the past 2 weeks. I've decided to "plan" for my future. *throw up sound*
I'm thinking about setting up some type of retirement plan, because i had a "financial meeting" with this chinese man who was trying to sell me life insurance. And of course, I wasted his time, because he was speaking in crazy technical terms...
and I was like "yo, wait mean...................... i have to start saving now?"
and the look on his face was something only seen in movies.

And so...basically, I made him think I was going to set up an account with his business firm, and he created a "personal file" for me...and all of this stuff,

and at the last minute I was like...

"um, I don't want to sign anything today, or be a part of your firm, I just want you to answer more questions, so I can plan my life elsewhere..." (so, I didn't use those exact words, but that's exactly what happened...)

I'm going to open up some type of savings/ IRA whatevers (with MY bank)  so that, maybe--just maybe, one day i'll have enough money to do all the things my tiny little heart desires.

the "financial meeting" was so sad though...
the chinese man was asking me "so...what age do you want to retire?" and in my mind I was like,. "right now, beeotch."

but, of course I gave a realistic age... "um, I don't 55?"

and he was like, "oh, what do you want to do when you retire"
and I had to hold myself back from giving the most honest answer known to man "sleep..."

poor china man. I'm sorry, you've just walked into a twilight zone named winnie.

he was like, "what are your goals ?"
and of course, I was like, "oh wait... I keep my personal goal sheet in my wallet--it's in note-card form:  I want to have an art show, I want to discover different parts of the island, I want to go on non-slutty dates,  I want to read 10 books by december...I want to teach the 5th graders all about art,"
oh wait, you mean LIFE goals?

aahahha..China man, all of my answers are wrong!

I had to dig deep and tell him the truth... "well, I just want to get my masters degree, and open up an art school" which I'm sure made his eyes roll to the back of his money-hungry brain.

I think I could've wrote "sucker" across my face with my red-ass lipstick and it would've matched the image of me that is still probably haunting him right as we type.

so. although I wasted his time, I do feel that deep down inside, I saved him some time.
he's not going to have to deal with me anymore..e.v.e.r. which puts a smile across all of the faces of america.

what else.
oh my god, TRUE BLOOD is my new favorite show.  (ya, ya, ya, reimi...)

I think the perfect man would be a mix of: bill compton's language skills and speech pattern, jason stackhouse's honesty, rene's voice, hoyt's personality...and lafayette's attitude.
So basically, the perfect man doesn't exist.^_^

but, it's okay because they all (with the exception of that killer, rene) all still exist as of now.

As much as I love being a virgo (and i love being a virgo)
I must say that this virgo time period (from august 23-sept 23) so far hasn't been so hot for me. like, I pretty much tore through my room like the tazmanian-devil looking for my apple-set-up/installation disk...and I still cant' find it. mac is still broken.

my ipod when through a brief period of confusion which threw me into a tizzy.
and we already know (briefly) about all of the events that took place on my b-day...
on top of that, some of the people I work with are clearly unorganized and unqualified for the job they're in, so it's making my life a little tense, and as of now, I'm still unpaid.=.=
and, and, and, I started watching "mr. brain" with takuya, gotta say, it's not a favorite.

in 2 weeks it'll be a libra sun, or whatever, and i think things will start making more sense...
but, ya, virgo's in virgo are not happy campers.


happy face in a heart,


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