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so, my computer is not working. My mac has hit that point where it doesn't even "chime" when it starts up...
I kinda had a "woe-is-me" moment for....about 3 hours today,
but, whatever. I'm over it.

I would rather have all of these events: computer breaking, getting pulled over, finding out about a sex change, not getting paid...again, oh and...trying to go to a "closed" restaurant to see a guy i kinda like (<--devastating)  happen in the beginning of my 28th year, rather than throughout and at the end...
not that I'm asking for any more drama. i think all of those "events" that happened in the first few days of my new age are substantial enough to last (at least) until....mid 28, early 29. .

anyway, that's that...
so, on to the bigger and better. move on and up.

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