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the next 10 years

 wait...before I get started on my 10 year plans, I want to pause and stare at takuya.
so, he's not the GREATEST singer in the world.....he's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.
I need a man with long hair. it's not a fashion thing, it's a lifestyle thing.
a man with long hair=a big f--you to most of the norms of society...and I'm all about changing the norms.
oh..he's so cute.

i've decided that: in the next 10 years I will
1) spend money on "experiences" rather than material things (i.e. travel, musicals, concerts, art events v.s. hello kitty metal boxes, cheapy uncomfortable trendy shoes, clothes, makeup...)

2) save up and  spend more on quality items (i.e. chanel purse over canvas tote...)

3) invest serious thinking time in figuring out what exactly I want out of this life, and what I don't: do I want to be a teacher? a mom?  a professor? a fashion designer? a music historian? all of the above? do I want to be single for the rest of  my life, or do i want to find someone? what is the difference between settling for less or being happy with what I got, and not striving for more....( I think those things should take at least 10 years to figure out...)

4) I want to do a marathon, or some other physically challenging event before I'm 38.

5) oh, and I want my masters degree in fine arts too...

not too much on my plate, but enough to add more to without feeling.......what's the word....
but really,
all i need is this japanese man(with the long hair...), and the rest of the 10 years don't seem to matter...

kimura takuya is my lovah,

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