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laugh out loud

first of all, thank god it's october.
secondly, I'm feeling kinda junky, and wanted to throw up for like the last...2 hours or so...

but, some times the universe has a sense of humor, to cheer me up (even when I'm feeling icky icky icky)

I've mentioned how I'm obsessed with checking my "stats" on this blog, and I can see which blogs get the most views..blah blah blah blah...

so, I noticed that today I've gotten more views than normal (seeing how I haven't posted a blog in about 4 days)
anyway, I checked which blog was getting the most views, and which search engine was used to find my blog (I told you the stat thing is amazing...)

anyway, it was
and the blog was this one
lol..about my farts smelling like pumpkins.

I guess people around the country are having gas issues, and their searching google furiously to find answers to their health "issue" and my blog is popping up in their searches.

the best thing about this blog isn't even about pumpkin-smelling-gas...
it's about realizing that happiness matters, and that the youthful happiness which Atticus was so filled with is a part of each person.

the universe works in strange ways. maybe a person doing a google search, stumbled upon my blog and realized....everything will be okay?

I can imagine someone doing a search being really irritated that my blog has nothing to do about their gas issue...

but oh well.

that was my laugh-out-loud moment for the day.


happiness in pumpkin-smelling-farts,

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