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ipod game

occasionally I ask my ipod questions and use the song titles as my answer...
I normally do this with chris @ starbucks, or at night in my journal (and I illustrate my facial expressions with each answer...kinda funny)
but, since I want to play the game, and I'm at my blog..I'll just do it here.
I'm using the green ipod, because that's the psychic one.

so here goes:
(I just put it on shuffle, and take the first song that comes up...)

tell me about tomorrow:--"blue skies"  --maxine sullivan

tell me about October: "release me"--pearl jam.

tell me about my life as of now: "that's the way of the world" earth wind and fire...
hmm...that's so true.

tell me about my love life:  "hairshirt"--r.e.m.
hmm...kinda depressing. beautiful, but depressing.

tell me about my financial life: "wake up" --sliimy.
thanks, ipod. 

give me advice about school (work): "golden age" beck...
interesting answer. 

give me advice about my love life: "someday we'll be together" the supremes.
oh my god, ipod......... yay. but, who is the "we" in "we'll"?  (sneaking in another question)
"filthy gorgeous"--scissor sisters.
oh great....

give me 3 things that will happen before the year is over:
1. "knocks me off my feet" stevie wonder. (hmmm....i love the song!)
2. "real love" the beatles. (thank the lucky stars)
3. "age of consent"--new order. (oh mylanta....i AM a cougar!)

....tell me something I need to know:
"yellow ledbetter" --pearl jam.
wha...what does that mean!?

let's try again..
tell me something I need to know:

apparently i don't need to know anything.

tell me about "beige":
"swallowed by the sea"--coldplay. I'm guessing it's a "no" with him? (another sneaked in question)
"genesis..."--justice.'s a no.

how is the art festival going to go on 2/11/2011
"girl they won't believe it..."--joss stone.

ummhmm..because  i'm the shit, and i'm going to put together the best thing that has ever happened...ever.


so ipod, in general tell me about my life as a 28 year old:
"our house"--madness.
so true.

tell me one last thing, ipod:
"good time"--leela james.

I told you it was psychic.


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