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my farts smell like pumpkins

I'm obviously ready for halloween

I want to be...a jack for halloween. not a person, but an actual the one you use to play jacks with.
I need someone to be a red ball..and then we'll have some fun.

Atticus is my new favorite human.
the other day, he was running around in circles, his long hair hitting his red cheeks.
"Atticus, what's the matter?"
"I'm excited." he yelled. His small body speeding fast around the slippery floor.

he ran up to me, hugged me, and said

with a mixed expression of happiness and concern,

"don't be sad, I'll be back soon!"
(smiling) I said..."yay, I'm so glad."


I think, for just a brief moment, I'm capable of making people happy, too.
I'm not special in this skill...everyone has it--A three year old named Atticus embodies it...

but, I'm glad I have it.

The other day,
I was looking at my hands, they're not wrinkled or anything
still tan and smooth.

I thought of all the hands I held
all the shoulders I grasped
my mouth that I covered to muffle my laugh
the faces that I've touched
every cup of tea I've held
every carrot I've chopped
every color that my hand have been (from gesso white to charcoal black)
every bill I've sent out
every flower, rock, and bug that I've picked up

I'm a lucky girl.

I'm still too young to say how one can measure one's life,
some people measure their life by the friends they have, others by their possessions (some view the two as the same)
But, I think, at least for now, I'll measure my experiences by what I touch and what touches me.

you may not believe this, but I love you, you know.


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