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I must have been dreaming

ego tripping at the gates of hell.

sometimes when I look at the sky
I imagine i see elaborate lines
that decorate the horizon.
they're black lines.

they change the landscape.

sometimes when the clouds are the right shape,
they look like mountains.
big purple mountains
snowcapped mountains...

they change the landscape.

sometimes the stars look like
glitter on a long piece of dark string.
the string is just laying around
the glitter holds tightly to the string.

what would happen if you pulled one end of the string
while I held on to the other.

would all the stars fall down onto the cloud mountains
would all the lines illuminate before the glitter hit the ground...

that would change the landscape, wouldn't it?

the sky is the only thing I see.
all I can do is look up
and imagine the possibilities.


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