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shiver in my bones just thinkin' about the weather

so I did it, finally.
I threw away all of his letters
and everything that reminded me of him.
I re-read what I wrote yesterday, and deleted it.

It's really time to move on already.
he's never gonna come back and/or change.
and just because he made me happy, doesn't mean I have to feel
as though I HAVE to hold on to his memory.

It's not like I'm never going to be happy ever again
and/or that there's never going to be a person who will make me just as
(if not more) happy than he did.

Really, I was only happy when I was
with him--and that was only for a couple of months,
the rest of the time, we were far away from each other.
and I was miserable.

well, I choose not to be miserable anymore.
I'm so famous for saying, it's all in your perspective, so I'm
changing my view on things.

I can't be the sad little girl that I always say I"m not,
and I know my feelings about women who can't let go of men, and I don't want to
fall into that category. It's cheap, and not me--at least, not anymore.

I can't recycle all of the time I lost, so it's best to just stop
wasting time, already.

I"ve applied to 3 schools, and I'm saving up to get
slides done. I'm gonna be at UH this week and next distributing my letters of recommendation.
I need to get started, no more of this loser life of needing someone who doesn't need me.


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