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get to know people

I'm watching "the professional", and...........i fucking love this movie.
did this movie spark my interest for older men? I wonder.

I mean, I've always kinda had a thing for the gray.

when I first saw the movie, I found the "love" aspect of the movie a little alarming
but,'s like..."who cares?"

I'm not going to turn every blog into a political thing, because as bob dylan and my mother say....
I"d rather be non-political but believe in what's right. So there.

But, this world of mayhem and lies, if someone makes you happy and you make them happy, then what's the big deal? Like, I don't want to be super gross and cheesy, but love really does change people. Love in all forms, friendship, parental, sexual, emotional...shapes who you are and who you become.

I was watching the news this morning, and they were talking about the suspected crazy at UH who mumbled that he was going to shoot people, and then...the newscasters went to a story about wilson park and how it's being invaded by a bunch of angry teens.
But, instead of any type of outreach, the police are called.
I know, I first, right? But, I think we're too afraid of each other nowadays, there is a lack of community love...Like, what happened to just asking a person if everything was okay? I remember once, crying very very hard in a bathroom--like audibly loud, and someone came up to me and simply asked..."is everything ok?"

at the time, i thought..."you don't really care"
but if that really were the case, if she didn't care, why did she ask? This feeling of despair, daily despair, comes from always feeling like you have to deal with things ALONE. I know that I've always felt that "it's my life, and my problems, and I have to deal with this alone. me me me, alone alone alone, solitude = dignity."
And there is definite truth in that, but having each individual become estranged to one other builds up walls that no one has time to break.

toward the end of the movie (zeitgeist, not the professional) there was a message about humans always pinning themselves on their differences when the reality of it is that we're all the same. the rich and poor all need the same basic things. we're not far from each other. I"m not pointing to communism, but I am pointing to opening up and realizing that the person next to you isn't as distant as you think they are.

a room of strangers is the loneliest illustration.
you don't have to be friends with the entire world. you don't have to spread yourself thin and become fake/superficial to everyone--you definitely don't have to like everyone you meet, but maybe...just being a little more open to communication might not be that bad. It's such a simple message, one that's been said so many times throughout grade school and friendly and play nice.


I'm not a super violent person and/or malicious, but I do believe that it's harder to hurt someone you know. so get to know people.


back to "the professional."

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