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we've drifted apart

we used to sail about into the ocean, a bunch of boats sailing out in the sea together,
we'd dock at the same harbor and have a good time together.
One day we all set sail, and each boat took a different turn...

a few of the boats sailed into a crowded harbor..they're trying to make room for themselves, waiting for the perfect spot. Although the harbor isn't the greatest place, they're trying...waiting...and hoping to find what they are looking for. I'm sure they will.

another boat is stuck in what seems like a rift tide, the distress signals are up, but my dear friend doesn't realize that the boat is actually just anchored to the ground. all she has to do is lift up her anchor, and her boat will be free.

One of the boats drifted far into the distance never to return.

I used to sail closely with another boat until a large storm came and we lost our ways.
Sometimes I wonder if I'll find him, sometimes I think he's on the other side of the world, other times I think he's far under the sea...but only I know that he's far away from me.

A couple of friends have holes and are bailing water, while some of them became luxury cruises.

All of my friends have and are drifting away--slowly but surely. Sometimes I catch an image of a sail that reminds me of one of them, Other times, I hear a call out, and I check to see if one of them is hurt,
but, here I remain, sailing alone in the afternoon sun wondering when I'll see a friendly face again.


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