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thank you, christopher

There are many great people in our lives; what we lack is greatness. In fact, there's only one thing that separates the two: will power. While great people do achieve, at some point in their lives they become content, and the enriching pleasures of life pull them in. They will be one at peace in our world, but one too many as well. Greatness is pain as much it is suffering; greatness is pushing oneself to a level where it hurts, a level of no contention; a level where most others would kindly refuse at the door. Nevertheless, greatness is what I aspire. Greatness is possessing a vision, a vision that's coupled with talent, but even more importantly, determination. Greatness is taking a risk. Risking the life that you have always known, but only to be engraved in your memories to guide you in a life that you had never known. A life much more difficult, but one where the fruits of your reward lies within the smile on your face and not the money in your pockets. With everything said and done, greatness is still far from my reach. Before I die, if I can do even a quarter of the things that I have visioned for, I shall die a happy man.

some guy was complaining in an email that this guy didn't credit william blake. then i read it and thought you might appreciate it.


**what a wonderful message to receive on a normal saturday night.
not only do I appreciate it, but I appreciate our friendship. arigato.

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