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all you need is love, love is all you need

"So, she hears one song on the radio and decides to make everything "okay"?
Who cares that she over-reacted, made a rash decision, and said horrible things to me?
Well, I'm so sorry "friend" but, it's not okay. Things will never be okay.
this was your decision, so deal with your conclusions"

..that's what you're thinking, huh?

fair enough.

today was my workshop. it went SUPER well. i think i'm going to be booked for the next couple of months. yay. my resume will finally be more than just words, it will reflect experience.
My degree isn't worthless after all. (sigh of relief.)

I listened to "last christmas" all day.
last christmas=winnie's life.

I"m going to enter a writing contest. I"m not expecting anything. Simply trying.

I have 3 more scarves to knit and a company to start.

I really like working with kids. I was looking at little lexus today..and she's so cute. she was just hanging out with her mom...doing the craft projects, and smiling. she ran up to me, showed me her drawing and said "aunty winnie...look!" I held out my hand to her, she gave me a mini-five (similar to a high five, but smaller) and started to giggle. She looked up at me to tell me more, and she said "I made pretty" (referring to her picture.)

I looked at her and said..."you did lexus!, you made pretty!"

I thought, how poetic...if there was a picture equivalent to the actual word, it would have been lexus' picture of red, yellow, purple, and white...swirled together on a bright blue sheet.

simplicity, honesty, and happiness.
does the world really need more than that?


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