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it's an elephant in a boa constrictor

I was sitting with an 8 year old today and we read the little prince together.

It's funny because i don't think little kids "get" the book as much as adults. Like, there's no point to be made because the point is stated through being a child--so if I kid reads it, they don't see what's so special, because they already are special.
But, as an adult (grossssss, I'm so not an "adult") or rather...a grown-up, there is much to cherish in the little prince's purity.

It was an interesting experience.

At first the 8 year old was apprehensive about reading the book (especially with me) but, after I explained how the book changed my life and that some of my most cherished friends have read (and have appreciated) what the little prince had to offer, the eight year old started reading aloud.

He asked me, very seriously..."aunty winnie, when you first saw the picture...did you think it was a hat?"
and I said..."no. I thought it was a reallllllly big snail."

he smiled and said, but couldn't you tell it was a snake, there's a tiny face right here (pointing at the illustration)...I thought it was a snake with a big animal inside of it.

I hugged him and said, I think i've just met another little prince.

after that we sat and read 16 pages together.

That book, in more ways than one, will keep coming back into my life and will keep inspiring me to smile at floating clouds and to look closely at tiny flowers.


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