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the traveling soul

Sometimes I wonder
about souls that are unsettled.
floating about
always detached
"cool" during their 20's
"unsure" during their 30's
"adventurous" during their 40's
"hmm...interesting" during their 50's.
what causes their soul to wander
to such distant seas?
what causes their eyes to see
lands unseen?

I used to envy those who
could just pick up and leave.
On long-wednesday afternoons,
I often look at my wallet and
wish I were one of them.

But, on this mid-day tuesday,
I've come to the conclusion
that these wandering souls
travel to find a place of their own
and they go everywhere
except inside.

location doesn't alleviate
In fact, it just amplifies it.

when you find yourself
within yourself
you allow the rest of the world
to see you

and the place you've been searching for
is no farther than what your
hands can reach.

But, realizing that
takes years of traveling.


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