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take to the sky on a natural high, loving you more til 'the day i die...

I don't really have much to say today/tonight/this morning.

I think I just want to use the opportunity to....kind of apologize to my readers for the unloading of this useless negativity.  the last 2-3 months have just been complaints...and ya, things haven't been going the greatest, but really.....they've been worse.

ugh. I'm listening to "all by myself" (the original version from eric carmen)

and no, we're not going down the sappy woe-is-me road. not tonight...

but, i think i need to go on several mental/spiritual/emotional and physical different "diets" of sorts.
oh, we'll use the new saying..."lifestyle changes" be oprah-friendly.

my mental diet will  consist of:
cutting back on adding new things to my plate because i already have quite a lot on it...
and adding more space for new projects by finishing old ones and/or clearing unrealistic ones off of the "to-do" table.

my spiritual diet will consist
cutting back on wanting more than what I can handle in my life (i.e ...i want to get married and have children by tomorrow, and I want to be queen of the earth by next wednesday...) and adding more time for thoughtful reality checks.
Also, I need to add some fiber to my soul so i can get rid of all of this waste inside. no more dwelling on to things that don't offer my soul any types of nutrients...

my emotional diet will consist of
cutting back on force-feeding men (that are obviously not good for me) into my life, and also binging on hate..because that's just not doing me any good.
I will be adding more winnie-time to my menu because I've realized there is a HUGE disconnect between what's going in my insides verses what I'm showing on the outsides...
and I will also be adding more friends to my diet, because although I love spending time with myself, i've kind of forgotten what it's like to get to know someone new, or spend time with someone old. ..
and I think I need to add one very intimate (not totally romantic, but ya know)  connection with a man into my emotional diet, because I'm definitely mal-nourished in that department...but...i gotta go to like a metaphoric whole-foods for that one, because foodland ain't cutting it.
i want quality shit, just sayin... lol.

my physical diet:
I will be cutting back on my "oh, it's too late in the day to go walking because it's way too hot" routine I go through every friday, saturday, sunday, and monday.
and I will be adding activities  to my 4 day weekend, which will eventually include a bicycle.
and...I will *try* to cut back on.......some of the things I love, which aren't THAT great for me...I would list it,'s long. lol.

so...ya. it's not totally on my goal list yet, but it's out in the web-like universe, so.. my diet will manifest itself into more happiness, because as  of now, i'm already very happy.

listening to "natural high" and totally feelin' it,

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