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I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain

the ending of this song where prince is just singing along with the guitar and it fades into this violin whisper with the twinkling too pretty. It's like that part of the song is the actual "purple rain" and everything prior (the lyrics...) just explain what's to come.

I would post a video of it, but youtube only has "slide-show" versions of purple rain, and seeing prince in posed shots makes me kinda wanna vomit. Seriously though, if you don't own "purple rain" in some form whether  it be tape, cd, record, mp3, movie-version  (I have them all)'re missing out on well thought out music.

Anyway, enough about the purple-paisley-printed-princess.

I've started watching Dexter (finally) and I'm liking it a lot.
At first I was like... "eh..." and then I was like "oh"...and now,  I'm like "ah..."

the difference of 1 vowel changes the world, ya?

I don't really have much to write about (in terms of revelations about my life...)
so I'll just make a list of the things that have happened:

I think my favorite teacher has a girlfriend. really, why wouldn't he?
I'm coming to this conclusion not because I've talked to him, oh've expected way too much from me. lol.
No, it has more to do with a "coach" bag than anything else...
silly, I know, but silly is my new code name. so there. I'd like to say I'm over it, but don't we all know me too well?

what else...
I failed my safety check :(
apparently the belt holding my engine together is cracking. (...yay, now driving is EXTRA fun)

I'm making really cute crocheted animals (I promise to post pictures)
I wanted to sell them at the craft fair at first, but now...they're coming out kinda I don't want to sell them. I want do paint "serious" portraits of them (using the burnt umber/sienna wipe-away-the-light technique) I want to paint it on wood plaques kinda, so that they look like icons. lol.  don't steal the idea okay, because you know what happens when people steal my ideas (alan)

hmm..what else?
my sausage is burning.
I can't keep writing while I'm making dinner...

I'll finish this later.


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