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oh elton john, "the one" is a masterpiece on my list.

I was going to go to bed, but all of a sudden I had this urge to blog...
so, I obviously have something to get off of my chest.

I really like being an art teacher. I have my normal daily complaints about certain children or faculty, but overall... i love teaching art.

It's a messy job, and most of the time i feel like a janitor of sorts (because i'm literally ALWAYS cleaning) but, when i see how much fun the kids are having and how much they're improving with their artistic expression, I really gain a sense of satisfaction.

I've received compliments on my job (which, a nice-warm-fuzzy) but... more so, I finalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly feel like I'm coming into "my own."
I feel like I'm developing a teaching style of sorts, and I think the basis of it is to make the students feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

I realized early on  that for some kids taking art in elementary may be their only chance to do art. If a student transfers, graduates, or moves on to other disciplines, they may not have a "mandatory" art class.
In fact, I know they won't. Art is always an elective from middle school on, and most kids won't take it...
So, I try to make my classes as fun as possible in hopes that they'll sign up for art courses as they get older...

Adults (as well as children) are so sensitive when it comes to art, and are so afraid of expressing themselves because they automatically feel like "I can't draw" or "it doesn't look like it so it must suck.."and then they become so easily discouraged. **don't believe me? ask a co-worker (who doesn't have a strong background in art) to draw a cow, and you'll see reddened cheeks and maybe even something the shape of a dog scratched out. **

But, I think it's because there is a general lack of art education across the board.
Knowing that, I really take my lessons and "teaching" seriously.
which, if you know me well, is almost a joke...because i rarely take anything seriously.

But, when I see the kids smiling and concentrating on their art pieces, ....a part of me is smiling with them too--not because I feel like I did a "good" job, but more because i like imagining a world where that type of satisfaction is on the faces of adults.

This year, now that the kids have become more accustomed to me, I have many children who come in and sit with me at recess. I let them draw and paint during their free time, and to my surprise...the kids are doing some really neat things.
One student asked me if she could borrow my plant to practice a still life, and other kids are working on gesture drawings. It's really really really satisfying to be a spectator to the creative process.

and...I think I found what I want to do for the rest of my life.

so, I'm happy :)
and ready for bed.


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