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la la love you, don't mean maybe.

Tonight is the solar eclipse, and the winter solstice.
do you know what that means?
2011 will be filled with magical happenings...

here are the 11 things I want for 2011, with a blog entry to follow...
(no real order)

1) honolulu marathon, or something like it.
2) apply for  mfa programs for 2012
3) have my art displayed.......somewhere.
4) go on 5 hikes
5) buy a bicycle--and ride it. ^_^
6) Finish 11 books
7) learn how to love someone.. (doesn't this scream "blog topic"...ya, see below)
8) write a story
9) finish another body of art work, perhaps in an evolving style
10)see at least 2 plays / Broadway performances/ or something within that realm of experiences...
11)and, with that said: spend money on experiences verses material things (unless of course, it's for Chanel things..)


you know what, I don't really want to write about that, anymore...

I think it goes without saying choices of men have been very *unique*
but, so what?
I think 2011 should be the year of "so what"
because, I swear, if I write another blog/diary entry that fucking goes down in the dumps because of some weirdo's strange way of showing affection (or  non-affection ) for me, I'm going to throw up.

Even though, for the most part, this year sucked monkey balls in terms of  my <3 life..
I've  learned SO much about how to deal with things, how to move on, and most importantly, that  my life/ my heart/my body are of my concern.

This year may actually go down as one of the better years for me.

Last week , I fully grasped the last point (the my's)  and I haven't felt better.
I'm tired of trying to make everyone happy and I'm tired of talking shit about people I really like/love to appease someone else.

I've decided to keep my love life to myself, and in a strange way, that may sum up #7 better than any other "justification" blog I tried to write earlier. 

I've always tried to have  a "group consensus" love for every guy I've liked...
but, no one likes anyone I choose, except me... lol.

I've turned myself away from guys I really liked because of the whole "he's not good for you..." thing,

but, I think the biggest reason I keep making the same mistakes in my love life is because, I never learn for myself... I listen to the advice of others, and feel the burn of a different type of hurt/anger.

people are experiences, and up until now, the only person i "experienced" all the way through was Jon, and that's why I was able to get over him--SO quickly.

So, with this new understanding of self vs others, I will be able to accomplish #7 in 2011. 


anyway, it's christmas time...
time for beautiful music and happy wrappings,

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  1. yay for you winnie! i support you fully to follow your heart in 2011, trust your own intuition and not be led by the opinion of others. be true to yourself above all else; authenticity, transparency, honesty... it is your life~ only you "know". and i love the part about spending on "experiences" not things! great intentions to mana-fest wonderful new things for your life this coming year. i celebrate you. aho! <3



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