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just trying to say that until the end of time, I'll be there for you... I truly adore you, darling...

I was having that same "moment" I wrote about yesterday when all of a sudden Prince's "Adore" came on and changed everything. the ho-hum mood is gone, and now it's as if my whole room is a golden peachy color, and love is in the air. yes, the song is THAT powerful.

This blog was originally supposed to be used as...a diary of sorts, but more as a creative outlet for me to do album/book/
obviously, if you're been a winnie-blog-fan, you know well as I, that the reviews are slim in comparison to the "oh my god, let's talk about my love life, and my career goals" but whatever.

I want to talk about "Adore" from Prince.
If you haven't  heard the song, or are not a Prince fan, you're kinda missing out.

I'm not going to's not for everyone--especially if you're into pop love songs, or a hard core "unchained melody" old fashioned love song....
but, in terms of lyrics, melody, and overall love-song mood, the song has it all.

Adore has a strange muted horn section which seems to only play sharps and flats, a mechanical hypnotic drum beat similar to the one that was used in purple rain (wendy and lisa's version before prince added the lyrics to it) and,...there is like an organ of sorts in the background  which adds a slight gospel feel to the song.
It's unlike anything you'd hear on the radio...very creative to say the least.

The melody  has a lot of ups and downs, the tempo goes from from make-out song slow, to a kinda head bobbing groove, and back again to the slow beat..

For the majority of the song, Prince's voice has that gender-less, age-less quality that could be coined as quintessential "Prince" because NO ONE  sounds like him.

There are SOME moments where, if you don't like this type of singing, you may be tempted to turn it off because kinda sounds like diva-yell-screaming, but my suggestion is just sit through it and take it all in because seriously, his singing  (to me) is flawless...
The man has a range that puts Mariah to shame--after all he has a ding-ding, but sings like he has a ching-ching.

Anyway, as we all know, I'm a stickler for words,
without good lyrics, a song is pretty much shit to me (with the exception of the space-age-love
 "Adore" is cool.
The lyrics are not overly romantic or crazy deep,  but they are "real" in the sense that...this is probably what a man of these times (with a vocabulary a little wider than your average joe-shmoe)  would say to a lady that he is in love with...

"love is too weak to define just how much I adore you"
"that night I had to call you, I was rapping till the sun came up..."
"was I the best? was I your every fantasy?..."
" if god one day struck me blind, your beauty i'd still see..."
*my favorite* "But, I got to have your face all up in the place..." <--love.
ya, not bob dylan, but who is?

my favorite part of the song is within the last 50 seconds of the song...(the part that is normally cut off for the "radio version") the music changes where you can kind of hear a little bit more of a solo horn,  you get a  clearer sense of what he's his singing kind of changes from a playful sexy falsetto to a deeper, more soulful, confession of sorts...

the last couple of lines are the key to the whole song,
"I'll give you my heart, I'll give you my mind, I'll give you my body (bod-dayyyyyy is how he says it), i'll give you my time..."
the way he says "time"....seals the deal  because really... what is love, or rather...what is a relationship, but giving someone your time?

You can give your heart away to any ol' fool you meet (-- hi, think of 7th grade), and your mind is automatically occupied the minute your heart flutters for more than a second. The body trade off can happen with or without real "love" involved...but wanting to and knowingly giving someone your love. plain and simple.

the song wraps up with the horns, the back up singers (who sound like angels), and Prince saying "you are with me" in a strange sharp/flat key harmony which is dances on the borders of almost sounding bad, but ends up being so good... (like love?)
(sigh) It is soooo pretty. Seriously, if this song was a color it would be the color of the clouds after the sun has started to set...a golden peach with glitter wisps. so pretty.

take a listen, if you like...but don't hate. :)

this really is one of my favorite songs.
thank the stars it came on today, my whole mood is different now :)
--and prince, if you're reading this...don't shut down the world because someone wants to share your glory with the world...whether it's illegally or not (even though I don't think this


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