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someday we'll be together

oh, lucky day.
has made the day better.

I had the opportunity this morning to hear the "alternative take" of (my favorite) supreme's song: "someday we'll be together"

and I think it has completely changed and upped the mood of today.

If you're not too familiar with the song, then hearing the subtle additions in the ad-libbing, tone changes in diana's voice + mary wilson's background which is barely heard on the released version,  and the louder percussion section  may totally go over your head, but nevertheless...the song is beautiful.

 take a listen:
the beginning takes a little while..(it starts on the 00:22 mark) .but be patient grasshoppa, something beautiful awaits--oh, and even though i didn't make the video, I apologize for the cheesy photo-montage of the "supreme's career slideshow..."'s nice, huh?

i love pandora,

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