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as mentioned in today's fb status update:

I miss answering machines.
There are some voices that always bring a smile to my face, but after 14 days the voices disappear until we meet again. I wish I could hit a rewind button and listen to your voice over and over again, or laugh at a funny moment caught via message...
but, those days of personal archiving are gone...
even the tangible photograph, or the lover's "mixed tape. mixed cd" are all things of the past...

My favorite line  from R.E.M's "At my most beautiful" (a song i LOVE) is
"I save your messages just to hear your voice..."

Sometimes just hearing another person's voice reminds you that...they're there, even when they're not

on days like today, I wish I could hear your voice simply just saying my name...
the giggle in your tone
and the shyness is your phrasing
the boyishness in the brevity
and the happiness in the receiving...

but, time has  passed
and your voice has been deleted

maybe one day, I'll hear it all the time...
from whispers to laughter, to shouting, to the simple-deep-conversations that happen in the mid-day hours..


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