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all i really want to do~~~ is baby be friends with you...

I just want to listen to good music with a good man.
is that so much to ask for?

conversation is always a plus, but just vegging out with an amazing soundtrack...looking at something that moves, like waves, or tall grass on a windy day, or...just sitting by a window watching cars pass by on a normal afternoon...

all the while good music keep playing...

that's all I really want.
not a heavy-hearted lover,
not a sexy-hot-fantasy,
not just a ho-hum friend...

I just want someone that I really like--that really likes me...
to sit down, veg out, and laugh with while we  listen to good music.

it doesn't even have to be all of the time, a day for like 2 hours.

why can't it be that simple?



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