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I was 21, you were 20.

Past conversations have been on my mind. 
I remember you once asking me,

"Winnie, you're always smiling... what do you think about all day long?"

"Colors"--My voice perked from the pleasure of being asked question I've always wanted to answer.

"Colors? how so?" You grabbed an apple out of your book bag.

"Well, I think of what colors I need to mix to paint what's right in front of me"  My eyes wandered and focused to the matted silver light pole in front of us.

"See, like that. I think of what colors I need to use to make that specific color of silver-gray..." I pointed to the light pole and finger-painted in the air.

"hmm... so what colors would you use?" you said, after taking a huge bite out of your apple. The sound  of your chewing is still so clear in my mind.

"White..... a little bit of Phthalo Blue. Alizarin Crimson, and Phthalo Green mixed together first." I checked off the color recipe in my head, and smiled brightly. My eyes still fixed on the light pole.

You looked back and me and nodded. You smiled deeply and caught my attention with your full gaze of wonder.

"So, you think of that all the time?" you asked, fiddling with the apple core in your hand

"Well, that and what it would be like to be Super Mario"

...our faces broke open with peals of laughter as we sat on the low concrete wall of HCC.
We got up, you walked me to the elevator for my next class, and threw the apple core away. I got in the elevator and waved good, and you smiled deeply.

Nice memories,

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