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sorry for being a grouchy debbie-downer.
I'm over my fussy blues about art.

My sister and I were talking this morning, and she was like "you're trying to do the best with what you got..."  which is 1) no studio space 2) far away from town and resources 3) and busy with a some-what involved job..

I can't go to UH and stay all hours of the night like I used to, or make random runs to buy supplies any ol' time I need to (I can, but seriously...from e. beach? it's not happening)
I don't have a whole lot of space to focus on my nude set-ups or anything that demands wide large canvas (which is probably why, right now...this 24X36 canvas is making me feel pretty shitty...)

for the confined space that i'm in: i have these things markers, paper, small pieces of canvas, and quick drying acrylic paints for easy storage (of paintings...), and ya...
one day, I'll get my own studio space, and i'll be able to expand in different ways with different materials. but for right now...I'm working with what I got.


anyway, no more grouchy-ness/downer posts. It's ...unflattering.



amen, sister. amen.

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