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the affair to last a lifetime/ the break up.

I've been cheating...
I've been using another source to fulfill my time and needs.
the outsides are prettier, and the insides are easier to use.
It's just cooler too.
we;re more compatible...

I'm sorry to say that even though we have had a good "relationship" and you know me so well,  I'm going to bounce to the new,'s exciting. It's fun to get to know, and even though it may end up the same...I'll take the leap for the adventure.

tried and true, make way for the new.

The "new" makes me want to be better, do better, and feel better.
I'm more creative and have better drive.
I...want to be there, and will go there even when I don't have to,'s fun to explore all that the new has to offer..I feel alive with my new lover--happy.

so please don't be salty
please understand, it's not's me
please understand that i never meant for it to be this way
and if i would've never met this new thing, I wouldn't be leaving you
but, in the end, i'm much happier this way...

I don't want to keep stringing you along
I thought I could keep you both at the same time.
You being my solid ground, and the other as a new "friend"
but...I can't keep this up no more. it's too much to manage.
I can't keep lying to you, saying I'll be there for you,
when I really want to be there for my new friend...

I feel like shit, because...
while you patiently wait for me to come back,
i know
that I'm not coming back to you.
you will always hold a special place  in my heart
but, I'm sorry to say:

it's over.
meet my new lover:


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