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time after time.

Old friend, 
we meet again. 

some things will forever be meant for each other. 
I tried to move to posterous, as my last post rambles on about...
but, alas, the shiny new beautiful thing did not hold a flicker to the forever flame of you, my true blue "nonsense and laughter."

If this in itself is not a lesson of the benefits of monogamy, I have no idea what is. My "affair" with Posterous ended--like all affairs do. 

The fancy new site couldn't compete--literally. Posterous is no longer a blog site.

 And so, with the luck of whatever fate I have, All of those juicy, relationship questioning, shameful out-pours of lust, are forever lost in the maze we call the world wide web. Never to be seen again by your eyes or mine. I tried to keep those old words of mine, to view when long nights await, but decided not to. My new life does not need to--ever--visit those days. 

every possible lesson from that time has been well learned, processed, and (hopefully) taught on to others as how NOT to behave when you're feelings get the best of you...

And so, to end this and begin it again, I will say...
Oh nonsense and laughter, you my darling, have been missed. 

love forever and always,


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