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Got to believe it's getting, it's getting better all the time

So, I'm trying, and I'll leave it at that.

But, I'm trying in a lot of different ways to

I called my school loan people and have started a payment plan.

I ordered two books online, "accounting for dummies" and "excel 2010 for dummies"
I'll need it one day, and right now, getting paid $8.50 an hour to learn something that I can learn from a book (while keeping my significantly better paying jobs) makes sense to me.

And, I researched prices for the car part I need, and also the selling price for my car once its fixed. 

So working out seemed like it would fit in perfectly. In some ways, I think, fixing and controlling what's on my outer self will somehow promote fixing what's on my inner self. 

Lets hope. 


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