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Sometimes we need reminders

Yes this, among other things,happened today. 

It may be the end of my white car days...

But, while I could easily wallow in self loathing and shake my fist at the endless sky, I'm going to take a different perspective on this one.

Maybe it's just to keep me sane, or maybe because that's the way I should always look at "bad days"

I have an amazing family. 
Total first responders. Ready to help, and willing to be there for anything and everything.
Sometimes, well no, many times I've taken them for granted...and that is horrible of me, but i do...
But, whenever I need them most, like magnets placed at the edges  of a table, they come together when I'm in the center and I need help. 

So, I am so thankful.

I have the love of my life to lean on when I feel like I have no choice but to stand on my own two feet. 

I try not to take this relationship for granted, but sometimes, I find that it is so easy for me to dismiss when the times get rough...

And that is seriously something I have to work on, because he is my sunshine. 

And what is a world without sunshine? 


And third,

Tomorrow is another day. 
And there will keep being more and more days to continue on with. 

Things like this happen. I just have to buckle down, save up, and figure shit out. This is a far cry from the hardest days I've ever, I can take it. 
I will take it.

just gotta make wonderful things happen. 
And they will. 

**winnie, the wonderful. 

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