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it's a quiet night.

things are so different now.
i used to have picture files on my computer, so I could just post something and write about it.
now, if I want to do that, I have to log out from the computer, go to my phone, find the picture and post from my phone.

my cathartic writing ritual has been disrupted.

another one to add to the list of reasons why I don't blog anymore...

anyway, I don't need a picture for this.

I'm really surprised at how sensitive my nipples are now that I am in my ripe ol' age of 31.

not sore either. like..pleasurable.

I never ever talk about sex in my blogs. well, I normally allude to it in a poetically creative way, but, who has the time anymore?

anyway...when people ask, have you noticed any changes in your life or body in getting a little older?
I never answer aloud, unless it's like...Dean asking,

but,  what I want to say is: "ya, my tits are nutz now."

See why i don't answer?

anyway. I'm surprised by it. before I swear, a mack truck could have hit them and I would feel NO sensation whatsoever, but now, if I my t-shirt slightly grazes over my nipple, it's instantly rock hard, and I basically quiver like an old man dying...

strange ya?


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