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beans, the musical fruit

I'm feeling better. Can you believe that? I'm able to feel better?
anyway...I don't know how to get more followers.

who cares?

I've started getting back into making things again. I finished a scarf, and I'm working on 3 new ones. I've also started making cards again...not the trading cards (at least not yet...) and not post cards,

I've also started painting (earlier this week) and have thought about investing in a digital camera (so that I can get into REAL business)

So, things aren't horrible--at least anymore.

You know,
as cyndi lauper discovered: money changes everything.

I still don't have a lot, but I have enough to smile again. I've be come a total slave to the system...only green makes me show my pearly whites, but what can you do?
"this is the world we live in
and these are the hands we're given"

I hate that song so much. What possessed genesis, no...really, phil collins to think "hey, we should record this!" Ronald Regan.

Today is a Travis "sing" day. Not a "why does it always rain on me" day...or "flowers in the window" day, but a "sing" day. If you haven't heard the song, download it. Maybe you'll have a "sing" day too.

I want to buy nail polish.

Once I get a camera (or a battery for my OLD ass camera, I'll take pictures of my creations.)

love is all we need

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