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there is another ginger williams in this universe

So, there are a couple of "g.w's" on the planet but, the one I found is an artist....

a good one. tear drops.

so, it's not like I totally feel like dying, or anything overly dramatic like that. No, I'm actually going to take a different approach to these types of "inadequate" feelings and be proactive. (anyone shocked? I am)
I'm going to use this "ginger williams" success story as inspiration to keep trucking.
I have an interview today for an art teacher position, and I'm also going to be shopping at a craft store to buy things, crrrafttty things, so all is not lost.

I'm just a little shocked that someone holding the same name. Woah, pump the brakes, g.w is not my name.
I'm just a little shocked that someone with the name "ginger williams" is an artist too.

It could be because she's not hiding behind an alias?


mary tyler moore:
you're gonna make it after all.


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