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I keep my doors closed tightly.

You know,
I don't try to be a difficult person. It's not something I strive for in life: to be "the world's most difficult person"

But I appreciate it when people are black and white about things. I don't appreciate grayness--at all.

Kandice gave krystal the assistant manager position. Am I salty? I can't tell.
But, I deleted kandice from my myspace and facebook. you be the judge.

I just don't think it's right to be friends with your employer. I can't write freely about how I hate the store, or how bad its being managed when the manager and I are friends.

But, now...i have all the freedom in the world. It's all open.

And as for krystal. I like her. I do.
but, I just don't know her well enough, and I keep my doors closed tightly. I already have a lot of friends in my life. Almost too much to manage, at times. Adding one more will just change the complexities of my life.
And, I'm not ready to do that. at least, not yet.

And, I'm over doing the guilt-trip game of: I moved here because I thought I had a relatively good job waiting for me. I'm done with that game already...and I can only sing the same song so many times.
It's time for a new tune.

I'm going to find something better, or do something better, and I'll look back at this one month of absolute hell with a smile.



  1. thank you. Kandice is an idiot and her store is gonna go to shit.

  2. off-topic, but....
    this is super fun.



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