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Fine lines and wrinkles.

I don't even have time to write. I have two interviews today, and I'm somehow supposed to magically appear at sanrio afterwards (not happening)

anyway, thanks for the good wishes and congratulations about the interviews...

The whole point of this blog, which will be a rushed one, is ....winnie's getting *physically* older.

today, after doing my daily routine of washing my face, toning, and moisturizing I noticed.....FINE LINES.

I have smile lines.

Don't give me the cutesy response of: well, that means you smile a lot. I know that. Everyone (including strangers) knows that I smile a lot. but, fine lines? Fine lines equal baby wrinkles.

I need to put my money into wrinkle protecting potion.

maybe it's because I"m under all of this fucking stress? I don't know. but, I was just taken aback (and I mean, I literally stepped back and couldn't breathe) when I saw that the lines around my mouth didn't disappear after I changed my expression.....

wish me luck on the interviews, again. I'll need it.


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