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bus riders unite.

I've wanted to complain about this since I first started taking the bus (at age 13.)

Why is it when people get on the bus, they automatically take the isle seat, and not the window seat?
I think it's rude.

well, no. I don't think that's rude, but I think it's lame when you DO try to take a window seat (and someone's in the isle) and they don't stand up to let you in.

I mean, you basically have to shove your ass in someone's face and tippy-toe all the way in, just to sit in an already uncomfortable seat.

I used to think it was a lame asian trait to only take the isle seat, because we all know asian bus-riders are lame (i.e. the men never stand for women, the women cover their faces when someone brown sits next to them...)

But, no. this one seems somewhat universal. Most people take the isle seat.
I used to think, well, maybe it's because they're getting off soon and they don't want to be trapped in and--godforbid--have to talk to the person next to them to say "this is my stop, excuse me."

But, that's not always the case. Today, I watched someone get on at the same stop as me (in downtown LA) and stay in the isle seat allllllllllllllllll the way to alhambra (which is 40 minutes away.)

People are simply just lame. Because of that, I've made it a point (pretty much since I was 13) to ALWAYS take the window seat, and leave the isle open for incoming bus riders. We allllllll know how uncomfortable it is to try and SLIDE in past the isle rider, and that's why I try to make it a point to alleviate the situation for the other person.

AND...If, I'm an isle rider, I try to ALWAYS stand up for the window rider when their stop is coming up. I hate it when I'm trying to get out and the person next to me REFUSES to stand up. I feel like farting in their face to teach them a lesson. ^_^

bus riders, let's unite to make the bus riding experience cooler than it already is.
what do you think?

yes? are you with me?

love is love


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  1. dude. it brings back memories. people are either rude or don't have any common sense. as a 13 year-old riding TheBus, i remember if i was sitting in the aisle with two empty seats (one by the window, one in the aisle), i'd always take the window because it'd be easier for the next person to come and sit down if there wasn't any seats... not that i wanted random stinkies who rode the bus to sit by me, but because i was just being considerate... and a lot of the time, i got lucky in that the person who sat in the aisle next to me would get off before me, so i didn't have to squeeze my ass out the damn seat. ugh. i know exactly what you're talking about. memories.



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