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dear god.

done playing catch up?

Those were my older myspace blogs. I would post my "favorites" from my other blog/diarland accounts, but...who has the time?

So, I'm beyond tired of my "job"--if you can even call it that. I got my paycheck yesterday and pretty much lost all hope of doing anything cool...ever.
I was like "are you serious?" my eyes pretty much turned into small hot charcoal ash.

I mean, to say that I wasn't paid enough is an understatement, and on top of that, california takes out like crazy for taxes. I literally had 100+ dollars taken out for taxes. That alone pretty much made me want to barf.

Don't get me wrong...I'm so happy to have left hawaii to start my life, but jesus fucking christ...I also left behind a respectable job, health insurance, oh...and let's not mom and my animals.

What made yesterday (and really, today) the biggest fucking jokes measly check wasn't directly deposited into my account. I don't know how many fucking times I asked Kandice to check up on it, and only she going to actually give them a call. And who knows if she's actually going to do it, or not.

Now, I understand that I'm not the world's biggest priority, I know that. But, if your employee is not getting their checks directly deposited into their accounts by the 2nd check, something is wrong.

Whatever. I'm too smart for the sanrio job. I've doing the visuals for the past month, and I must say, the store literally looks 400% different. Like, it doesn't look like the same store. You know, once I get a battery for my old ass digital camera, I'm going to upload pictures of some of the retarded displays that the other girls tried to pull off.
What a fucking joke.

But, ya. I'm too smart and WAY over-qualified for the job. The fact that in one shift--8 hours (the same amount of time most of the girls work) I can: ring up customers, give fairly good customer service, answer phones, do 30 5$ gift sets, and do 2 walls says a lot. And apparently I'm getting paid highest out of the girls, but it's like....DUH. I do more. I might not go to the bank, but I'm so sure that if I had a car, I'd have to do that too....

and the whole, "you're getting paid the highest"...
NO shit? I've been with the fucking company longer than anyone in that store, and I know how to make a messy store actually look good, and i'm fast on the register and have product knowledge. REALLY? I'm getting a whopping .50 cents more than everyone. Stop the press, hold the traffic....winnie's getting fifty fucking cents more than a criminal, 19 year olds, and girls that probably just got their GED...

I'm not a nice fucking person. surprise, surprise.

I just can't stand this shit anymore. I'm going to stick it out until I find something better (duh) and when I do, I'm going to break out "winnie-style" and just not show up anymore.


anyway, I like the layouts on blogger.

yay for some of the mini-est of mini miracles.


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