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feedback, feedback.

Janet Jackson, or "The J-J" as my friends and I commonly refer to her as, used to be on the top of her game. Remember "together again", "Runaway"...."if"..."Love will never do" "Miss you much..." ..and.. oh god.. (moment of silence) "rhythm nation"

...Janet used to be it. all there was, and all there needed to be.

she used to make crowds move.
she used to move people--maybe not with her singing ability, but with her essence.

she was the jackson girl who made it and wasn’t koo-koo crazy.

Style. Power. Fierceness... All apart of the JJ.

I remember when "janet" came out and I would stare at the cover and think..."god, you’re so fucking cool. I want your hair and someone’s hands over my boobs while I look in the camera like there was nothing more (or less) important than an album cover. And...not just any album, but an album that kind of defined the early nineties...
I think we all remember a time listening and/or watching "that’s the way love goes" and wishing that you had a place that cool, with lighting that emphasized beauty, and with friends that were put together....


Well, I made the big mistake of sitting through janet’s new video "feedback" today (see bottom), and watching this almost 50-year-old woman try to pump out dance moves while her quivering voice tried to deliver what was once so.........pure.

I know, I"m quick to point the finger at people I think purposely sabotage others careers (hello, johnny depp)... But, whether you’ve thought about it or not, there has been a distinct difference between pre-jermaine dupree janet and post-jermaine dupree janet.

Jermaine has pretty much transformed fun loving janet...the janet whose smile could light up a whole universe, into a cyborg, half male, talentless, weight-fluxuating, soundbite. I mean, since...maybe the velvet rope has anyone heard janet sing?
and yes, yes, yes...
even though I don’t own it, I know "all for you" has a couple of good ones, don’t fret..I do my research, but COME ON.

Compare the actual song "all for you" to"because of love"

.thank you.

What janet so desperately needs, more than an eye make-up remover, is jimmy jam and terry lewis. I want janet to make me (and the rest of her old fans) happy again. We all want to hear pretty songs like the last 3 on the rhythm nation album ( with an emphasis on "lonely" and "someday is tonight")

The groove music and borderline midnight "ooh--ahh, sexy-sexy" music like..."anytime, anyplace..." is missed, dearly.

and, I’m not saying that because janet is getting to the big five-o (50) that she has to stop making dance music. I think Madonna and Cher are perfect examples of the possibilities of older women with fantastic music producers.
But, if you’re with a dumb ball and chain that pushes, or at least has some influence on decision making, feeding you the wrong ideas on how to stay hip and cool, why then you have...


...Thanks to the low quality of youtube, you may not be able to see it, but there is a scene where janet clearly looks like she’s going to fall of the ball (and surprisingly, there is no pun intended.)

Janet, honey...
if you happen to stumble over this blog by some wonderful chance of luck..
and you’re not all salty because i spent the majority of this blog dissing you
do everyone a favor and go back to jimmy jam,
jermaine dupree. gurrrrrrrl, all you gotta do is look in the mirror and realize that you’ve become a crazy chicken-head. You’re no longer the janet I want the world to see no more. we have a whole new generation of young girls who needs music like "escapade’ and "when I think of you."
you wanted feedback, well look here it is straight up and loud for ya. Whitney, another fallen hero, left leave jermaine.

love, winnie.

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