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winnie=most popular girl in the world. no, obviously I am not.

So, I admire/respect picasso as an artist. Doesn't that just go without saying?
But, from my research on picasso as a friend/human...I must say that I adore him.

he was no easy breezy covergirl. no no no
he was a fickle, overly emotional, social butterfly that was capable of having strong emotional connections with multiple people at multiple times.

now, am I like that? kinda.
But, do I like picasso because I feel as though (emotionally) I run the same way? I wonder.
Or, do I push these tendencies of mine ( know, my overly emotional over-reactions over small issues ...when you say this sentence emphasis the word "over" and it feels funny in your mouth) because I find kinship with an idol.

kinship with an idol. I want kinship with my favorite american idol.
ha ha, laugh with me.


I love people. no, I love my friends. I love the people that dwell at the top of my metaphoric hill. And yet, at times, I push those that I love so close to the edge of the hill (whether it be in my mind or in reality) and they dangle there...and the minute I see the dirt below them give away, and it seems like I'll lose them forever,...I pull them close and apologize for my actions. I mentioned I love them.
I, like my idol, don't know how to express it, or I express it in multiple ways, to multiple people at multiple times.

don't hate me.


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  1. sorry. I know I shouldn't comment on my own blog, but i effin' love this one.
    so well written, winnie.



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