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cool kids never have the time...


this song/video=happy face full of memories. or wait, reverse that. memories full of happy faces.
either one fits fine.

anyway, I feel like i need to clarify my blog on 8.18. (about my attraction levels changing...)

it's true, it has changed a little, but...maybe not for good, as my blog made it sound.

it's not like I'm dreaming of ending up with a piece of cardboard. I want some flava in my life, but...I don't know.
I think I wrote that blog to justify some point that I've been trying to prove to myself. Because, for some stupid reason, I almost feel bad for liking someone non-artsy/or out of my normal circle of strangeness.

in the larger scheme, none of this really matters--at all.
this is what happens when i have a day off in the week, i think of the dumbest shit to ponder over. I need to be doing something else. lol.

peace out. and i'll post my 1st quarter goals in the next one. :)

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