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I have found musical happiness...again.

so, I happened to stumble over this little jewel of sorts within the past couple of days...
"the best is yet to come--the songs of cy coleman"

here;s a link about it:

It is a collection of mysteriously beautiful, kinda haunting, love songs which (of course) have a jazzy feel, but more so...has a charming comfort that most tribute albums lack.

my favorite of course, is the fiona apple version of "why try to change me" (the live performace is posted on my previous blog) but, there is also "I'm in love again" from missy higgins which is very lovely as well.

"you fascinate me so" screams :night music for those cold  lonely rainy nights when you're watching the streetlights bleed into the wet pavement.

If you're in the mood for something new, with an old-twist, I would suggest it. I've bought a couple tracks online already, but I think i'm going to order the cd online, because unlike most, I like reading the liner notes (hi, music nerd)

anyway, cheers to all of you washed-up lovers. have a martini on me.
**winnie .

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