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if you love someone set them free

looking at your green star resting on my bed, all i can think of is how far this little star traveled,
it was with you through, I'm guessing, everything.
and now, it's back in my care.

I remember giving it to you. we met at the mall for one of our many goodbyes.
and I cried as i hugged you. I put it in a package of sorts...thinking I would never see you again.

during the years apart
and the moments together,
 many words were said,
sicknesses were conquered
feelings were hurt and healed,
and years of time passed

all that time, the little green star accompanied you on your travels,
as my star accompanied me on mine.

well-wishes and sincere affection trapped deeply in the transparent green..

the star was a reminder that no matter
where you go, in isolation or not, that you're never alone.

in your note, you said I blessed you for many, many years...
to that, my reply is...likewise.

you, forever, will be a jewel that I will keep in the treasure box in my mind.
i love you my dearest friend.


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