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turning your orbit around...again. every moment is a little bit greater

I figured it out.
well, not really by myself, but...
this morning I do know the answer.

I like to question myself with the "why did I meet so-and-so" or "why is this happening?"
and push myself through the mud over-asking myself questions I can't answer in a day...week...or even after a couple of years.

but, when the answer finally comes, the feeling is amazing.

It's literally like having the warm sun rest on your face on a cool morning...the orange glow from your eyelids showing you that even when your eyes are closed, you're still in the light...

Our lives have have been so close to intersecting at so many different points, but
T.P.O (time, place, occasion) is the key to everything.

maybe we're not really people at all,
maybe we're just experiences encased in a body.


whatever it is, i'm glad you're in my life right now.

wilco's: she's a jar.

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